Invoicing software provides customer control by sending reminders

Do all of your customers pay in time? How do you trace non-payers? I guess it takes you a lot of time. Nowadays invoicing software provides different useful features. One of them is sending automatic reminders to the customers.

You don’t have to find non-payers by yourself. The invoicing software is smart enough to do this task. The program will detect non-payers, using due dates of invoices. You can define the period of time after due date, when the reminder will be sent. In a word, the invoicing software could be adjusted to all your needs.

If you apply some fine for payments after due date, your customer will receive invoice-reminder. They will see that the amount they have to pay increased, so it stimulates them to pay before the due date. Sometimes customers don’t want to pay additional money for a late payment. Don’t worry about that, because it still stimulates customers to pay in time.

Normally invoicing software allows you to add some information visible to customers to the invoice. If you apply fine for overdue payments, then you have to warn your customers about that. The „note to customer” is the right place to do it.

Automatic reminder is not the only helpful feature of the invoicing software. You will probably find more useful options, which will simplify the process of invoicing. What is also important, invoicing software should be simple enough to be easy in use and understandable. Some programs provide too many options and become very inconvenient for user. Choose the program that will be comfortable to work with.

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2 Responses to Invoicing software provides customer control by sending reminders

  1. Earl says:

    Reminding customers is one way to keep the cash flow in a business, and automating it for an invoicing software is staple, yet often forgotten. This is a good reminder for those who are using invoicing software of any sort.


  2. Jochen says:


    You are absolutely right. But on the other keeping tracking of your business is also a really, really important. And this of course also includes the spending side.


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